the Purchase Price of Hospital Beds

One of the most difficult tasks in caring for an inpatient patient is relocation. Because the patient’s body is almost incapable of movement and the patient does not cooperate with the caregiver, so the total weight of the person tends to rest, and in this case the Hospital Beds can solve a large part of the problem and the patient can change position more easily. The purchase price of hospital beds is an important factor for medical centers.

the Purchase Price of Hospital Beds

a Complete Guide to Choose Hospital Beds

a Complete Guide to Choose Hospital Beds Hospital beds are wider than ordinary beds to make the patient feel more comfortable. Some hospital beds guide has been taken to ensure the safety and comfort of patients and hospital staff, including the following:

Bed protection: One of the accidents that can happen to patients is falling from the height of the bed, so the beds have protection for the patient’s safety.

Flat wheels: Hospital beds have wheels for easy movement from one space to another. The type of these wheels should be such that they can rotate in all directions and around the axis. It is also necessary to have a suitable brake to avoid sudden movements. The wheels should move at the location to prevent unwanted movement. These wheels must be at least 5 inches in diameter.

Bed material: The material with which the hospital bed is made must be washable to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. Existence of serum base attached to the bed: When moving patients who need a serum if the bed has this possibility attached to the bed. It makes it better and easier for staff to move the patient.

What Are the Different Types of Hospital Beds?

What Are the Different Types of Hospital Beds? Hospital beds are beds that the patient uses in the hospital for 24 hours or those beds are used for special practices and treatments. Hospital Beds Types according to the capabilities and appearance features are:

  • Hospital folding triple bed (foldable and adjustable head and foot angle)
  • Single breaker hospital bed (foldable and adjustable head angle)
  • CPR bed (Resuscitation beds or CPR beds are used in intensive care units and emergencies. One of the devices that is used to resuscitate the patient is the electroshock device, and because this device carries electricity, the bed cups should be such that they do not conduct electricity. Therefore, the bed cups for resuscitation are usually made of MDF, which insulates the current. Electricity is also due to the pressure that is applied to the bed by the electroshock device. If the material of the bed sheets is not suitable, it will break in a short time. The regenerative bed has a PVC tape that is to prevent water from penetrating into the wood. The resuscitation bed has a four-piece three-piece bed surface.)
  • Surgical bed (The bed on which the patient lies during surgery is called the operating table. These beds are available in hospitals that have operating rooms. Surgical beds should be designed so that they can be easily switched to surgical positions)
  • Maternity bed
  • Hospital bed (adults and children)
  • CCU and ICU beds (The ICU / CCU bed is a type of hospital bed that is used in the intensive care unit of a hospital. This hospital bed has 4 electric motors that each motor is responsible for. It also has a bed surface of three breakers that change the position of the breakers using manual control and nurse control.)
  • Electric automatic bed

The Best Manufactures Of Hospital Beds

The Best Manufactures Of  Hospital Beds Hospital Beds Manufacturers cover a wide range of medical needs. One of the important issues in the field of these products is the quality of the products and their reasonable price. As one of the manufacturers of hospital beds, we have targeted the health and safety of patients and the satisfaction of medical staff in our company.

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