the Best Sellers of Hospital Stretcher Beds

As you know, patients are transported to ambulances and hospitals by stretchers. Stretchers in different models of baskets, scoops, tarpaulins and recovery stretchers transport patients in different parts of the hospital and are among the important hospital hotel equipment. You can also buy the best-selling hospital stretcher beds at a reasonable price from us. Contact our experts for more information.

the Best Sellers of Hospital Stretcher Beds

What Do Hospital Stretcher Bed Do?

What Do Hospital Stretcher Bed Do? The stretcher beds work is to move patients. In ambulances, in addition to basket or tarpaulin stretchers or scoops, short and long boards are used to close the patient’s spine and keep that part of the body immobile.

In other words, it can be said that hospital stretcher beds are mostly used for short-term patient transportation. Today, the most common use of these hospital beds can be said in emergency and ambulance. All kinds of hospital stretcher beds are made very durable and have a very high bearing capacity.

The stretcher is usually used in acute conditions, ie patients who due to hypotension or any other accident that has happened to the patient, who often need special conditions and can not move easily on their own, or for out-of-hospital care by a specialist. Hospitals, the army and rescue workers are used.

Examples of stretcher beds include transfer of patients from one ward to another, transfer of casualties in accidents, transfer of patients from ambulance to hospital, transfer of war casualties, transfer of casualties from ambulance to ambulance and also short-term care in hospital emergency department. Appeared. Of course, the use of stretchers in the emergency department is in acute cases when the emergency bed is not empty.

Different Kinds of Hospital Stretcher Beds

Different Kinds of Hospital Stretcher Beds In general, all types of hospital stretcher beds with and without wheels are produced by industrial factories and each of them has a special application. The following are the stretcher beds kinds and the efficiency of each:

Basket stretchers: In one-piece and two-piece models; It has four injured support straps and a support board along with a sling and a connection to the elevator or transfer by helicopter.

Tarpaulin stretchers: With aluminum frame and tarpaulin cover, it has a light weight and is mostly used in folding and ordinary models for field and emergency uses.

Stretcher scope: With a two-piece structure made of aluminum or ABS, it is placed under the patient’s body from left and right and is fastened, and it is able to carry the injured person without the need to move or lift the patient.

Patient car seats: Used to transport patients in different classes of stairs, made of aluminum alloy that is relatively light and strong, has patient support straps and flow wheels and the ability to fold and easy to carry

Stretcher recovery: Which are mostly used to transfer patients from the operating room to the recovery room or CCU and ICU wards to different hospital wards, in mechanical and hydraulic models, with strong and resistant malignancies, serum base, oxygen capsule holder and There are various other equipments.

Hospital Stretcher Beds at Factory Price

Hospital Stretcher Beds at Factory Price The price of different types of stretcher beds is recommended. Ask the experts of this site and if necessary, place an order and buy this product. Many people have heard of the name stretcher and are somewhat familiar with the use of this hospital bed. At present, it can be said that one of the most widely used types of hospital beds is hospital stretcher beds.

Nowadays, medical equipment manufacturers are producing different types of hospital stretcher beds for different applications, and the types of these beds can be seen closely on Internet sites and even in the medical equipment market. Many factors and criteria must be considered to determine of the stretcher beds price.

Type and application of hospital beds is one of the most important criteria affecting the price of different types of hospital beds. Other influential factors include the manufacturer as well as the features and options of the bed. To receive the catalog and price list of different types of hospital stretcher beds, you can contact our experts directly through the following ways, and also benefit from their advice.

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