Direct Distribution of Hospital Pediatric Beds

There are different types of hospital pediatric beds. And the reason for the variety of these products is because we will provide you with different types of these products in a very important way, considering each of your needs, dear ones. It should be noted that the distribution of children’s hospital beds is direct, which will bring important benefits to you.

Direct Distribution of Hospital Pediatric Beds

Untold Things on Hospital Pediatric Beds

Untold Things on Hospital Pediatric Beds There are some very important issues with hospital beds facts. You can use these facts to realize the importance and quality of the product. Therefore, you need to be with us at the end of this section.

Infant bed:
Hospital beds are often designed specifically for different wards of the hospital, and in the pediatric ward, beds for children and adolescents have special dimensions and design for hospitalization of children and adolescents, and in addition to hospitals, in medical centers there is also child care. Some models of these beds are for children and children with autism and have a special design for these patients.

Specifications of infant bed:

  1. Electric models of these beds; has a high metal and electrical side with a smooth motion.
  2. Ability to adjust the height and angle breaker under the child’s head with a very strong hydraulic jack.
  3. Mechanical models of these beds; it has a bad side of the bar and a hand pedal to adjust the angle of the breaker under the child’s head.
  4. Has a strong and solid structure.
  5. Equipped with detachable and washable mattress.
  6. Has smooth wheels with central locking or quality brakes.

the Latest Type of Hospital Pediatric Beds

the Latest Type of Hospital Pediatric Beds In this section we are going to be the latest hospital beds type to express to you dear ones. As we said in the first part, there are different types of these beds in a new way, so join us to get to know them. If you need to buy hospital beds for medical centers or at home and you want to get acquainted with different types of hospital beds, reading this article is recommended for you. By definition, a hospital bed is a bed that the patient uses to rest around the clock.
The patient needs special care equipment according to his condition. The bed is one of these equipment that is produced in different types for different situations.

Types of children’s hospital beds based on the type of bed control system:
Hospital beds are divided into three general categories according to the type of control system of different parts of the bed:

  1. Mechanical or manual hospital bed: In this type of patient bed, a mechanical lever is used to adjust the height, head and foot of the bed. A mechanical bed is the simplest type of hospital bed.
  2. Semi-electronic hospital bed (semi-electric): In this type of bed, the height is adjusted manually and the head and feet of the bed are adjusted.
  3. All-electronic hospital bed (all-electric): In this type of patient bed, the height adjustment is the head and feet of the all-electronic bed.

Direct Sale of Hospital Pediatric Beds

Direct Sale of Hospital Pediatric Beds You can buy these cots in various models and with high quality, online at our medical equipment store website. Because hospital beds sale is online for the convenience of your loved ones. Our store is exclusively focused on the online sale of medical and care equipment and goods, and with its knowledge of the domestic and foreign markets and brands in this field, it has tried to provide a high-quality collection for each category of its products.
All you have to do is go to our store site to buy and after selecting the product you need, inform the sales experts of the product code listed next to the product, so that after depositing money and registering the order, your purchased product will be available in the shortest possible time. When possible, it will be sent to the address you provided. Our sales experts are also available to you, dear customers, both by phone and online on social networks

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