Bariatric Hospital Beds for Export

A Bariatric Hospital Beds is a bed that can handle heavy weights. its extra wide and extra heavy-duty beds which can be used for heavy patients. this kind of beds have a width of approximately 137 centimeters and length of 223 centimeters. as you find out from the dimensions, it can handle more weight. besides, it has a more powerful structure even.

We in the company offer the best quality bariatric hospital beds for export to be used in hospitals and health centers. quality and affordable prices is our Commercial slogan.

Bariatric Hospital Beds for Export

What Weight Qualifies for Bariatric Hospital Bed?

What Weight Qualifies for Bariatric Hospital Bed? Bariatric beds are usually wider and longer than regular hospital beds. Bariatric hospital beds are designed to support high weights. The frames are strong, the joints are reliable and of high quality, and the materials used in it have valid standards. The structure and design of these beds are such that they can withstand more than 500 kg of patient weight.

The weight of hospital beds is very different. The reason for the difference in their weight also goes back to the manufacturing factors and the materials used in them.

Factors influencing the weight of the beds are:

  1. Materials used in the construction of beds; That the beds are made of metal frames or rubber etc. Most of the weight of hospital beds is their frame.
  2. Connections are used in them; Fittings are the second factor in determining the weight of the beds. Lightweight fittings reduce the overall flatness.
  3. Bed size; Bed size is one of the main factors in determining the weight of beds. As you know, the larger size of the beds also increases their weight.

Now why Hospital Beds Weight is so important to us? One of the main reasons why the weight of hospital beds is important to us is its maneuverability inside the hospital. The higher the weight of the bed, the more difficult it will be for the patient to move on it. On the other hand, high weight equals higher depreciation. Therefore, beds that have a higher weight need more service and maintenance.

Bariatric Hospital Beds in Variety Kinds

Bariatric Hospital Beds in Variety Kinds The Hospital Beds Variety depends on the following factors:

  1. size of hospital beds: This varies depending on the type of patient bed, although most hospital beds are typically 220 cm long and 97 cm wide (the size of an adult); However, some patient bed suppliers may offer more specialized models for tall users or patients who have had bariatric surgery.
  2. Manual or electric patient bed: Hospital beds can be fully manual, semi-electric or fully electric. These are just some of the ways in which the position of the bed can be changed. The manual type of hospital bed includes a handle to adjust the position and height of the bed mattress platform. In this type, whenever there is a need to change the position of the bed, one has to do it manually. The semi-electric type of hospital bed offers a combination of the other two types of functions (manual and electric) that provide users with a more flexible bed that requires less physical effort and physical effort to change position. Adjustments are superior to other types of hospital beds. This model of patient beds is connected to an electrical socket and can be adjusted by a manual control or control panel located on the bed itself.

Bariatric Hospital Beds for Sale

Bariatric Hospital Beds for Sale Our company has a brilliant and long history in the field of manufacturing and supplying ordinary and special hospital beds for hospitals. Very reasonable prices and high quality beds offered by our company indicate many years of experience in hospital beds sale and commitment to our customers.

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